About Us

Who we are

UHSPA works through shared responsibilities with partners and coalitions, and promotes teamwork among its membership, staff, board and other stakeholders

We are an LGBTI led network of groups and individuals that works to promote health rights of vulnerable and minority groups in Uganda.

We consist of journalists ,lawyers,social scientists, minority groups, students and the academia that seeks to put an end to homophobia and Transphobia as well as streamline minority concerns in all Uganda's public health policies and laws.

Welcome to Uganda Health and Science Press Association.

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Stategic Objectives


To promote and defend the right to health and other human rights of LGBTIs and sex workers.

To empower people and communities to promote tolerance and social harmony.

To mobilise, mentor and empower, and ensure networking (to work together to demand for the respect of human rights) of LGBTIs to realize their right to health, human rights and socioeconomic wellbeing.

To strengthen and build the capacity of UHSPA to improve efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and viability.

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